S m a l l 

P e t s


 Phone: 07868758745 (9am - 6pm)

We don't just look after cats and dogs

 We cater for small caged animals including.....

Rabbits - Guinea pigs - Hampsters - Fish - Degus - Mice - Rats - Parrots - Tortoises


Our service

  • We will ensure your little family members are fed and watered daily

  • We provide cage cleaning if requested on pre-arranged days

  •  We will administer medication if required



When visiting your home we can also undertake additional tasks if requested such as watering plants, alternating lights,opening and drawing curtains, bring in the bins and collect the mail from your mail box. This will be done free of charge.



For enquiries please email us at info@clawandpaw.co.uk or phone: 07868758745 or simply fill out our contact form