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S i t t i n g

 Phone: 07868758745 (9am - 6pm)

 A stress-free alternative to catteries

Cats love their environment and routines and feel safe and secure at home. Being boarded at a cattery - not knowing what is going on - can be extremely stressful for a cat and add to the separation anxiety while you are away.

Have peace of mind on holiday or a business trip by knowing your loved companion is being well looked after at home in the comfort of their own surroundings.


While you are away we will...

  • provide food and fresh water daily or during visits you have specified

  • make sure that their litter tray is cleaned daily

  • clean the area where the cats eat

  • administer medication if required

  • play with your cat to keep them happy and pampered

  • brush and groom your cat depending on their breed (if requested)

  • text, email or Whatsapp you updates to let you know how your cat is doing


When visiting your home we can also undertake additional tasks if requested such as watering plants, alternating lights, opening and drawing curtains, bring in the bins and collect the mail from your mail box. This service is free of charge.



For enquiries please email us at info@clawandpaw.co.uk or phone: 07868758745 or simply fill out our contact form