Pet Sitting Service Forest Hill

If you are going on holiday or a business trip and want to make sure your cat is taken good care of while you’re away, we can provide you with a pet sitting service to give you peace of mind. Cats enjoy routine and the safety and comfort of their own homes and if taken away from this environment, it can cause them a great deal of anxiety. A pet sitting service is a great alternative to putting your cat in catteries and it will allow you to enjoy your break instead of worrying about them.

Our cat sitting service

As part of our service, we provide your cat with food and water, as well as ensuring the litter tray and the place they eat is clean and tidy. We will also play with your cat to keep them occupied and as your cat gets to know the sitter, you will have extra peace of mind when leaving them in the future.

Contact us

We are happy to visit you free of charge to learn more about your cat and how we might be able to help. If you’d like to arrange this or just have a chat about our services, you can reach us on 07868 758 745.